Stone Harvesting and Picking

If stones are a problem then CMF Contracts may have the answer for you. We have a Kivi Pekka 4 metre wide stone harvester that gathers and lifts stones into a hopper that with it's high discharge height can load trailers directly or tip on the edge of a field.

The Kivi machine uses rotors either side to windrow stone to the centre and is capable of gathering stones from 40mm-300mm. Once the stone is in the centre it is lifted over a grid to help remove soil and deposited into a bin where there is a secondary grid to remove any remaining soil. The machine is rated to harvest up to 700kgs/minute, though as with all machines this will depend on conditions.

The better the tilth the better the results the machine will deliver. We have front mounted cultivators to help improve conditions for the Kivi when required.

Whether you wish to improve field conditions, need to harvest stone for roadways or a combination this machine will achieve both. It may also may mean savings on having to buy in stone for yard bases or trackways.

We also have a Cherrington Stone Picker than can pick up stone as small as 10mm and supporting this we have several Harley Power Box Rakes that can windrow stone for picking up either by picker or excavator / loader.

Tractor with Kivi Stone Picker Stone Picker